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Villa Duendes Mar Amor

We contribute collectively so that the progression and regeneration is directly with Mother Earth.

Villa Duendes has become a pioneer in the areas of ecology and sustainability in the Mexican Caribbean. In addition to having technology to create clean energy using solar panels, recycling, compost and biodigesters among other things. VD has become fully emerged into the social movement against plastic polluting our oceans and beaches. With beach cleaning & new volunteers every day, we are growing a network of enthusiastic collaborators aimed towards saving marine life.

At Villa Duendes, we are offering free nights in our domes in exchange for 5 garbage bags filled with plastic from the ocean/beach. We promote ideas on holidays to attempt to lower the use of plastic. We have to be a part of the change and we have everything we need to reverse the mass pollution we have created.

The beauty of our earth is slowly disappearing due to the waste we are dumping on top of it. Both on land and in the ocean the depredation of human existence is absolute and seems to be unstoppable. Even us, as an organization, are not the exception of this excessive pollution, on the other hand, we are the positive action that is happening. aleda contingency to be able to continue life in jungles and turquoise seas. We contribute collectively so that the progression and regeneration is directly with our Mother Earth.

As part of its various actions for the sustainable development and preservation of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, the Marine Institute has, since last April, the Maramor project.

A unique project developed in the region of the Mexican Caribbean, which is experimenting with an innovative creation for the collection and recovery of plastic waste captured at sea, carried out by several persons and partners:

  • Fishing companies
  • Local beach cleaning foundations and organizations
  • The government officials of Playa del Carmen, Tulum y Cancun
  • The communities surrounding the area
  • As well as individual volunteers collecting trash daily that is washing up on our beaches, marine ports and floating in the ocean

Once the we have collected a large amount, this waste will be transformed and reused to create other objects of daily use. Thanks to the know how and innovation of eco solutions, we are aiming to alter the state of the plastic to use for our every day objects, without turning it back into single-use plastic.

Apart from upcycling, the MarAmor project has a focus on making the general public aware of what is happening. As well as offer solutions to our everyday plastic use. They are creating a conscious community, aimed at getting everyone involved in the solution.

We are currently recycling nearly 100 kg a month. We are hoping to triple that and adding to the recycling production.

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